My Everyday….

Every day is a fun day with him.

Switching off the alarm after several failed attempts of turning the snooze off.

With his voice in the background asking me to wake up.

Me struggling with the duvet to let me free, with one eye open and motivating the second one to do the same.

Drinking the home made magic potion just after getting up from the bed.

Looking at him to get enlightened by his gleaming smile before I start my day.

Preparing morning tea while humming all time cherished songs and giving company to the radio.

Having tea with freshly baked jingles made by us while observing several subjects from the balcony.

Giving reviews on the same, as we are the critics of our colony.

Also adding on some interesting voice overs to the strangers chatting on the road and make our own kind of versions.

Listen to the problems of the birds, stray dogs & cows while feeding them.

But also accepting scoldings by the neighbours for this peta act.

Reading the newspaper for hours & hours, like we have to by-heart the news.

Spending too much of time in the washroom, thinking, it’s the only agenda of the day.

Driving to work, enabled with his traffic updates echoing in my ears, alerting about the vehicles around me on the road in the radius of 360 degrees.

Sipping up the ginger tea complimented by the drags of our customary brand at our favourite tea joint in the evening.

Giving beneficial but not at all required advice in free and abundance to lucky ones who fortunately choose to have tea at the same place.

Driving back home, listening to our rejoiced playlist but with a condition to keep the headphones’ volume low.

Cooking my favourite dish according to his recipe and changes in the ingredients.

Sharing the thick & thin, failures & achievements, proposals & rejections of the day with lots of spiced up gossip about who said and did what ?

Going for night walk to enjoy an orange candy and catching up with friends.

Extracting all the latest updates from the universe to get updated.

Simply gazing at the stars in the dark sky sitting in the porch, wasting time and thinking too much about nothing.

Arranging the bed and spreading the duvet ready to muffle me.

Keeping drinking water in a copper jug before going to bed, so that it turns into a magic potion by the next morning.

Giving a good night kiss to him.

And at last, praying to almighty to bless him in the heaven and send my love to him everyday, just like he has been sending it since three years.

Every day is a fun day with dady and his enduring memories !

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