Dear Time

Thank you for being the best teacher for all of my life.

After all you teach the best lessons of life.

Thank you for all the twenty four hours of yours, which made my day.

Thank you for transforming me from a wild child into a sage as you are a catalyst.

Thank you for making me realize that all my plannings are so anemic and you are the only supreme.

Thank you for exposing all lies and eliciting all truths as you are the real player.

Thank you for revealing the real faces of people as you are the magic mirror.

Thank you for exploring my strength when you’re worst and unfolding my joy when you’re in a good mood as you too suffer from mood swings.

Thank you for healing my wounded soul as you are the best medicine for erstwhile injuries.

Thank you to let me move on as you wait for none.

Thank you for every minute of yours, which gave me a liitle more extra time.

Thank you for letting me know my worth as people respects those who respects time.

Thank you for slapping those who mocked on my failures, with glorious claps.

Thank you for being so expensive that I value you the most.

The thought of loosing you makes me restless and I start fleeting because I know once you’re gone you’ll never return.

Thank you for every second of yours, which beats with every heartbeat of mine..Keeping me alive !

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