Joint Account

Visiting a bank just before the lunch break is the thing one shouldn’t do and I did that. The token line was longer than that of Starbucks and I was no where near the counter. A mere task of filling the slip and depositing cash was looking like a mission to me. My thirty minutes of wait was making me restless and annoyed until I saw him. The same tall guy with notorious smile on his face and mischief in his eyes, whom I’ve often seen at the cyber cafe, entered the bank. He already was having a token in his hand. In no time, I gave him the broadest smile ever given in the history of mankind.

Shamelessly, I approached him and said,

“Hi, can you please do me a favour ?”

“Yep, tell me.” He said. As if he was waiting for me to ask help from him.

“What if you can share your token with me ?” A puppy face replied.

“Actually, I’ve been waiting for quite a long time but couldn’t get the token. I’ll be really grateful if you can deposit this money for me along with yours,” I added.

A nodding head with a wink showing a positive response was his reply. I swiftly handed over the amount & deposit slip to him. But the task was not yet over. The deposit slip was blank and I didn’t have a pen. Continuing the scene of humanity I requested him, if he could fill the slip as well. In his not so good handwriting he quickly filled the details that I shared. It was then his turn at the counter and the mission was successfully accomplished. I expressed my whole hearted gratitude towards his selfless help by a thank you wrapped in a handshake.

As we walked out of the bank it started pouring. I thought to wait for a while but the rain was not in a mood to desist.

Helplessly, I decided to ride my scooter and reach home in time. But with the sound of the engine, came up a request.

“Can you drop me home please ?”

Payback time. A puppy face was now waiting for my reply.

I too nodded my head with a wink. He asked me to shift back (with the action off course by his hand) and allow him to drive. A bond of gestures was developed. It was a silent drive. I dropped him at his place which was surprisingly not too far from that of mine.

A nodding bye ended that drenched afternoon. Days passed but the last nod was ticking my head.

“I haven’t seen him since then. Was I too friendly to a stranger or too rude to be friends ?”

Questions like this, were the major ones among numerous others which were revolving around his invisibility and my anxiety.

One fine day my cell phone rang, displaying an unknown number. With my lost & found mood I took the call with not so interested

“Hello !”

“Naina, it’s me Jashn.., Jashn Sethi !” Was the reply from the other side.

“Jashn ! Do I know you ?” I questioned him arrogantly.

“We met at the bank the other day, if you remember.” He added.

It was the first time I experienced what they call as “Adrenaline rush.”

“How do you know my name and where did you get my number from ?” I questioned him out of curiosity.

“You shared your details when I filled your deposit slip.” He answered.

“I’ve seen you at the cyber cafe several times. Always wanted to speak to you but couldn’t. Would you mind if I ask you for coffee ?” He offered.

“Yes !” I replied in nano seconds.

“Your coffee is waiting ma’am !”

The customer support assistant at the bank, who was helping us in completing the formalities reminded and I returned from my nourished flashback to the genial present.

After few minutes of wait she confirmed “Congratulations ! Mr. & Mrs. Sethi, your joint account is now active .”

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