“Kya aap Adarsh Bahu Certified hain ?”

Picture courtsey : TOI

All bachelorettes, here’s a news for you as now you can have an add-on in your bio – Adarsh Bahu Certified” and some parents be like “Are Rawal ji ki beti to Adarsh Bahu Certified hain!”

If you’ve collapsed after reading this please gather yourself. But yes you’ve read it right. I myself is still in trauma after I read this freakingly funny news scrolling down the TOI page.

So now Barakatullah aka Bhopal University will conduct a three months short term certified course under the Department of Patriarchy for girls to make them Adarsh bahu as a pilot project under women empowerment so that they can adjust psychologically and sociologically in new environment after marriage.

I guess it’ll provide internship at Rajshree Productions for gaining practical knowledge.

I mean seriously, you’re throwing on the name of women empowerment. That’s women IMpowerment rather. It’s 21st century where Lady Indian scientists are conquering Mars and searching for life and I’m sure they’ld be successfully “adjusting” with their family responsibilities as well but still our society is hunting for sanskari adarsh bahu and the chery on the top is university that finds itself needs to be empowered has taken up this not so appreciated initiative.

But this isn’t the thorn pricking me. All I want to know firstly is why Adarsh Bahu course, why not Adarsh Damaad course also or why the hell we need any such courses ? Secondly who are these parents who want their girls to be certified by any XYZ university and the boys’ parents who are seeking such sanskari brides irrespective of how much sanskari their lads are ? Everyone wants an adarsh bahu but nobody cares whether the boy is adarsh groom or not.

Why don’t we give such balanced upbringing to our children, both boys & girls that they are psychologically, sociologically and moreover logically and sensibly stable and are able to accept, adapt and adjust in any sort of environment.

As BU calling it as their social responsibility I’d like to suggest them to launch a self defence course instead.

I really wish like many other unsuccessful programmes which BU has left incomplete this rubbish too ends up in the litter box.

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23 Replies to ““Kya aap Adarsh Bahu Certified hain ?””

  1. That’s really disappointing. Being a medium of education they are serving senseless courses. Agree with you instead they should provide self defense course
    #dewreads #myfriendalexa


  2. I am aghast! It’s hilarious yet a shame! I hope sense prevails in people and those university stalwarts and they find some life for themselves! BTW, good to land on your blog Nidhi. So happy to see you growing as a blogger 😊


  3. I am still skeptical about this news… it might just be fake news. Leading publications have a habit of doing that or maybe, just twisting the facts to feed off public anger. The whole idea is ridiculous, of course.


  4. This is bizarre! I honestly thought this was supposed to be a fake news / sarcastic post but a little research showed me this is actually true. I am at a loss about how to react!


  5. I am all for gender equality and thus I feel that there should be an Adarsh Damaad course too. In the light of the fact that our young generation is adapting to western ways blindly is disturbing. However, this course is another extreme. I wonder when we will all live in a balanced, healthy society where human values are placed over everything else. Thank you for sharing your perspective.
    #MyFriendAlexa #MayuraReads


  6. First of all I couldnt control laughing! But once the laughter died its own death, the disgust caught my conscience. Wonder if we are ever going to head towards a society of equals?
    Thought provoking post.


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