Mitra Mandals’ Ganesha

I’d like to cordially invite you all to the grand birthday celebration of our own Ganesha.

The celebration will start with an opening ceremony of welcoming Ganesha at the pandal with ear bursting sound of DJ playing “Swag se karenge sabka swagat” followed by 10 days of worshipping along with playing housie, concluded with immersion of Ganesha again complimented with devotees taking selfies and dancing on “Brazil….la la la la la la la la…..”

Sponsers : Guddu bhiya and party

You need to thank Guddu bhiya and party for this wonderful arrangement. And by chance if you don’t know him just look for the flex with the picture of a proclaimed bhiya with well groomed moustaches and perfect tilak accompanied by the pics of his polka dots sized mitra mandali and at last you may find a minimum required pic of Ganesha as well.

Electricity Board : For unknowingly providing free electricity since it’s fetched by illegally connections.

Date : The celebrations starts from 13th to 23th September.

Venue : Since Ganesha is loved by all, you’ll find the pandals after every one hand distance encroaching half of the roads. The devotees now love him more than the earlier times as I remember we used to have only one pandal per colony. Perhaps we thought assembling and praying together was strengthening our harmonious bond and love for Ganesha.

Time : Morning to afternoon and evening to night.

Attaractions : Non -Stop Music

The main attaraction of the celebration is non-stop devotional music with high Bass sound sung by Heavy Rock metal artists. These super surround speakers won’t let you forget that it’s Ganesha’s house party. Since pandals being so close to each other it also offers you several footstepping numbers at the same time that you can’t recognize which devotional song are you listening to.

Yours unapologetically

The Private Socialite

Disclaimer : This blogpost neither means to hurt feelings or emotions of any Ganesha devotee nor it’s realted to any person dead or alive. The only message that it gives is that religious ceremonies or celebrations are very auspicious activities celebrated in decent manner and it shouldn’t be misused by advertisement of any budding political party.

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65 Replies to “Mitra Mandals’ Ganesha”

  1. Me personally, did not like the way its portrayed. There may be few who misuse such event, but whats the point in mocking the event itself? If everyone start like this from every angle and religion it will just lose the harmony.
    Disclaimer: This comment is not to hurt any feelings, but just my disappointment for someone who is not loving the togetherness of a society in a social event just bcs of some one individual misusing it.

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    1. I respect your views Sir. I ain’t mocking the event infact I too believe that such events should be celebrated together with feeling of harmony and spirituality rather than making it commercialized publicity drama. It’s a piece of satire targeting the crowd who is misusing such holy celebrations and appreciating devotees who are only interested in worshipping quitely.

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  2. Ugh..I know the pain. Durga Puja is coming and the same chaos will wreak havoc the state of West Bengal. Only the villages and mofussils seem to be exempted from this torture.

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  3. Tell me about it. Last year my baby was just a year old and he would howl inconsolably as the speakers would blare out songs after songs.
    This year everytime the songs and the Dhol starts, he goes running out to see where is it playing, refusing to do anything else.

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  4. Can understand your feelings…at least in Bengaluru – the fervour is not so high – I still feel sorry for the idols on the immersion day…many of them don’t dissolve properly and many half dissolved idols end up on pavements….

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  5. Ouch! that hurts… but it’s true. One cannot hide or shy away from what we have done to our festivals. All the festivals have become just an idea to compete, show off, and do whatever you want to in the name of God.
    Nice Read.
    #MyFriendAlexa #gleefulreads

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  6. Agree with you! So many pandals in every building, nook and corner is too much. The festival had a political agenda to it during the British era. It was a wonderful way to bond with people. However, today it’s just a means to dance, drink and be merry. Not to mention polluting the waters and our landfills.

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  7. We are living in a country where there are temples for actresses, and fan clubs for wrestlers. Anything is fair in these feku people’s actions. All they are doing is bringing a self fulfilling prophecy of all parodies about our country to reality.


  8. I hear you. There used to be a Durga Puja panda nest my Aunts and the’d, invariably turn the mouth of the loudspeakers to face one of her windows…man was it a torture! We always found excuses to kot visit her during Pujas…I know that’s mean but what else was the option? Get your ear drums punctured?


  9. The bane of all Indian festivals small and big. The loud music disturbing school children and old people, the hyper enthusiasm in certain pockets. I have to say, I agree with you


  10. The noise during festival days is indeed deafening. Not only noise pollution but also there is dirt and smog everywhere due to air pollution. Fetivals are meant to be celebrated for joy and care should be taken that it does not become a nuisance.


  11. An interesting post filled with irony! Ganesh Puja is celebrated with much gusto and noise, and sadly, when these same idols are immersed, they often remain prone in the water, which borders on disrespect. I love Ganesha, and hence, my heart breaks at the sight. Thanks for the post.
    #DeepTiesReads #MyFriendAlexa


  12. How will loud music bring you closer to God? Also, why does God need to have a playlist of latest Bollywood songs non-stop espl. in party genre? The people who take effort to bring Bappa with all pomp and show forget about other human living nearby. Infants, old,and sick are impacted most, but who cares.


  13. Political parties and Celebs rule to Mumbai scenes, unfortunately. So if you are going to blame the political parties, blame the people too – for attending these 😦


  14. A very strong message. I still dont iunderstand the use of random Bollywood songs instead of so many bhajans, and then playing them on louspeakers. Unfortunately in India, we can do anything in the name of religion and get away with it (whichever religion it is)


  15. Over these many years, festivals has stared to loose its charm because of rock music. But I am hoping very soon, this shall pass.
    #MothersGurukulreads #Myfriendalexa


  16. I think this satirical depiction is true for almost all our festivals across all religions and is majorly because of commercialisation of the festivals.


  17. Kudos to you for writing a satire on this issue… Even I feel the real charm and devotion is getting lost in the hullabaloo of competition, even for something as sacred as a Puja!


  18. What a satire..coated with a sad reality the depiction of our holy celebrations. Now these festivals are more of raising money in the name of Gods. Be it Mata ki Chauki, Sai Sandhya or any other Pandal, max arrangements show a jamb down to the spirit of devotion to God, they only give a feel of House Party where you find loud music, eye pinching lighting and madly dancing organizers. What to do!!!


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