Shyam is here…

Like wise every year I was spirtually excited for the Krśna janmotsav and did all my preperations for the midnight birthday celebrations.

But this year it’s different.

I was swaying the cradle of the lord in the evening for the first time in so many years.

Let be it the shift of stars or the change in the oscillation, the spirit of celebrations are affected somehow.

We are so used to, of a specific pattern specially when it comes to religious ceremonies, rituals and traditions, that a changed inch is a glitch for us.

But the joy of welcoming the almighty and zeal of chanting “Hare Krśna” uplifts your body, mind and soul with energy.

The love for him is immortal regardless of any existing particle of the Universe.

So Krśna has finally arrived, not in dark night with dark complexion but this time the Shyam actually justified his name with sunset hues.

Happy Krśna Janmashtami
Jai Shree Krishna 🙏

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