The Wo(man) That I Am !

The woman that I am
is not liked by many,
Not by the guardians of the culture,
I am brought up by my dady !
He was not a society’s man
was a raw rebellion.
A man I would not find in billion !
My childhood was cool
with freedom and liberty.
I was not a tomboy,
just a girl with equality !
My aspirations were valued,
He respected my dreams.
I had right to speak and make decisions,
was allowed to fart n scream !
Education was my dowry
and career was my groom.
Marriage was the last thing,
to be worried about in the room !
Clothes were not my character,
dungaree, shorts or saree.
He bought me everything
from stationery to sanitary !

My brothers were no bodyguards,
they taught me self defense.
Made me a gamer, biker & player,
using unethical lingo was no offence !
Soon passed the time,
I was everything whom the society hates.
But was blessed enough,
found another rebellion mate !
A childhood sweetheart, a partner for life,
He had the daring to accept me as his wife !

Cooking is not my super skill neither do I learn,
We both are homemakers, we both work and earn !
I love my curves, unshaved body with sunburn.
He too likes my imperfections and hair undone !
I still own my personal space,
my independence and identity,
I am his companion, not his responsibility !
Doesn’t drag mandatory wedded symbols,
No judgements please.
I got married for myself,
Not here to please !
I am thirty one, outrageous & not so shy,
Not a part of ladies club,
You already know why !
Married for six years with no kid is still a crime,
Motherhood completes a woman is only what they rhyme !
Being a mother is feeling to be cherished,
They don’t get it, special things take time !
Grateful to the Men in my life,
For believing in me and raising me in such a clan.
I am extremely unapologetic,
For being the woman that I am !

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Awareness is the cure !

Sour breasts were like regular menses alarms to me but not this time. Continuous pain and visible swelling on the left side made me a little worried. Soon I could notice the red patches and tenderness with an unbearable ache. Wasting no time I consulted my doctor and I’s diagnosed with a “LUMP“.

Had initial panic attack coz we always think “How could something like this happened to me ?” But the answer was Yes, it’s and I’ve to accept it.

Was fortunate enough that my lump was a harmonal swelling and with effective  treatment it was cured on time.

Though was in a hibernating mode for some time I’m apologetic for not answering to the messages and calls.
But one needs to spend some alone time and give attention to their body, pamper yourself and love the way it is.

Listen to your body and stay positive.
Always be awared about the changes your body posses and take action.

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I Bleed…

I bleed…

Bleed with pride

Pride of being a woman

Woman who can bear pain

Pain that’s worth than any joy

Joy of being healthy

Healthy as to give birth

Birth of new life

Life that comes alive

Because I bleed.

Yes I bleed and I ain’t ashamed of it !

The Sound of Happiness


Laugh for happy mind & soul,

Laugh when idle, Laugh when stroll.

Laugh like you don’t care,

Laugh even if they stare.

Laugh your lungs out,

Laugh your thoughts out.

Laugh aloud,

Laugh and give a shout.

Laugh in company,

Laugh when lonely.

Laugh and release,

Laugh and live life with ease.

So Laugh,

Coz it’s the sound of happiness !

Shooting Star

I ain’t no pearl no gemstone sold,

Neither silver, platinum or gold.

I’m diamond, precious and rare,

You can’t afford me, can only stare.

Think you can lock me, She’s all mine.

But you can’t stop me, I’ll still shine.

Think you can gaurd me, saving me from the world,

I ain’t no straight hair girl, I can manage my curls.

I ain’t no privilege, no luxury, no treat,

I’m the air, without you can’t breath.

You think you owe me, have an obsession,

You are mistaken, I ain’t your possession.

I ain’t no moon, a calm beaming patch

I’m a crazy shooting star,

Out of your reach, once I detach.

A flash in the universe here or nowhere

Ask for a wish and I’ll be there !

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Words make us laugh,

Words make us cry.

Words make us proud,

Words make us shy.

Some have less, some have more,

They make us believe, they make us sure.

Words sometimes harsh,

Make us hurt.

Sometimes mild,

Mend our heart.

Words make us grown up,

Sometimes reveals the child.

Words have the superpowers,

They give us strength.

All we have for eachother,

Is the trail of words,

That never ends !

ElaWoman ~ Redefining Parenthood

Picture Courtesy : Official Elawoman Youtube Channel

It’s yesteryears’ story when infertility was an unbreakable curse and parenthood was dream. Couples were embarrassed to accept and stand up to visit a fertility clinc. Even if they’ve made up their mind, the delima of choosing a right clinc, trusted doctor and effective treatment was a difficult task. And if nothing’s left the expensive treatment scared the most. But it’s totally a changed era now. As ElaWoman is here to rescue all the aspiring parents from all these problems.

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ElaWoman offers

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● Maintaing digital records of appointments and other details.

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● Concierge Services such as finding best centres in and out station along with travel and accommodation help.

Ela Connect enables you to connect with doctors anytime and 24×7 consultation seeking for personalised recommendations.

Ela App is a one stop platform for community assistance where couples can share their experiences and queries. Blogs realted to various aspects of parenthood helps creating awareness and eradicating myths related to infertility and surrogacy.

No more gloomy nights and long waited days. With ElaWoman parenthood is just one step away.

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My Everyday….

Every day is a fun day with him.

Switching off the alarm after several failed attempts of turning the snooze off.

With his voice in the background asking me to wake up.

Me struggling with the duvet to let me free, with one eye open and motivating the second one to do the same.

Drinking the home made magic potion just after getting up from the bed.

Looking at him to get enlightened by his gleaming smile before I start my day.

Preparing morning tea while humming all time cherished songs and giving company to the radio.

Having tea with freshly baked jingles made by us while observing several subjects from the balcony.

Giving reviews on the same, as we are the critics of our colony.

Also adding on some interesting voice overs to the strangers chatting on the road and make our own kind of versions.

Listen to the problems of the birds, stray dogs & cows while feeding them.

But also accepting scoldings by the neighbours for this peta act.

Reading the newspaper for hours & hours, like we have to by-heart the news.

Spending too much of time in the washroom, thinking, it’s the only agenda of the day.

Driving to work, enabled with his traffic updates echoing in my ears, alerting about the vehicles around me on the road in the radius of 360 degrees.

Sipping up the ginger tea complimented by the drags of our customary brand at our favourite tea joint in the evening.

Giving beneficial but not at all required advice in free and abundance to lucky ones who fortunately choose to have tea at the same place.

Driving back home, listening to our rejoiced playlist but with a condition to keep the headphones’ volume low.

Cooking my favourite dish according to his recipe and changes in the ingredients.

Sharing the thick & thin, failures & achievements, proposals & rejections of the day with lots of spiced up gossip about who said and did what ?

Going for night walk to enjoy an orange candy and catching up with friends.

Extracting all the latest updates from the universe to get updated.

Simply gazing at the stars in the dark sky sitting in the porch, wasting time and thinking too much about nothing.

Arranging the bed and spreading the duvet ready to muffle me.

Keeping drinking water in a copper jug before going to bed, so that it turns into a magic potion by the next morning.

Giving a good night kiss to him.

And at last, praying to almighty to bless him in the heaven and send my love to him everyday, just like he has been sending it since three years.

Every day is a fun day with dady and his enduring memories !

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Dear Time

Thank you for being the best teacher for all of my life.

After all you teach the best lessons of life.

Thank you for all the twenty four hours of yours, which made my day.

Thank you for transforming me from a wild child into a sage as you are a catalyst.

Thank you for making me realize that all my plannings are so anemic and you are the only supreme.

Thank you for exposing all lies and eliciting all truths as you are the real player.

Thank you for revealing the real faces of people as you are the magic mirror.

Thank you for exploring my strength when you’re worst and unfolding my joy when you’re in a good mood as you too suffer from mood swings.

Thank you for healing my wounded soul as you are the best medicine for erstwhile injuries.

Thank you to let me move on as you wait for none.

Thank you for every minute of yours, which gave me a liitle more extra time.

Thank you for letting me know my worth as people respects those who respects time.

Thank you for slapping those who mocked on my failures, with glorious claps.

Thank you for being so expensive that I value you the most.

The thought of loosing you makes me restless and I start fleeting because I know once you’re gone you’ll never return.

Thank you for every second of yours, which beats with every heartbeat of mine..Keeping me alive !

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Joint Account

Visiting a bank just before the lunch break is the thing one shouldn’t do and I did that. The token line was longer than that of Starbucks and I was no where near the counter. A mere task of filling the slip and depositing cash was looking like a mission to me. My thirty minutes of wait was making me restless and annoyed until I saw him. The same tall guy with notorious smile on his face and mischief in his eyes, whom I’ve often seen at the cyber cafe, entered the bank. He already was having a token in his hand. In no time, I gave him the broadest smile ever given in the history of mankind.

Shamelessly, I approached him and said,

“Hi, can you please do me a favour ?”

“Yep, tell me.” He said. As if he was waiting for me to ask help from him.

“What if you can share your token with me ?” A puppy face replied.

“Actually, I’ve been waiting for quite a long time but couldn’t get the token. I’ll be really grateful if you can deposit this money for me along with yours,” I added.

A nodding head with a wink showing a positive response was his reply. I swiftly handed over the amount & deposit slip to him. But the task was not yet over. The deposit slip was blank and I didn’t have a pen. Continuing the scene of humanity I requested him, if he could fill the slip as well. In his not so good handwriting he quickly filled the details that I shared. It was then his turn at the counter and the mission was successfully accomplished. I expressed my whole hearted gratitude towards his selfless help by a thank you wrapped in a handshake.

As we walked out of the bank it started pouring. I thought to wait for a while but the rain was not in a mood to desist.

Helplessly, I decided to ride my scooter and reach home in time. But with the sound of the engine, came up a request.

“Can you drop me home please ?”

Payback time. A puppy face was now waiting for my reply.

I too nodded my head with a wink. He asked me to shift back (with the action off course by his hand) and allow him to drive. A bond of gestures was developed. It was a silent drive. I dropped him at his place which was surprisingly not too far from that of mine.

A nodding bye ended that drenched afternoon. Days passed but the last nod was ticking my head.

“I haven’t seen him since then. Was I too friendly to a stranger or too rude to be friends ?”

Questions like this, were the major ones among numerous others which were revolving around his invisibility and my anxiety.

One fine day my cell phone rang, displaying an unknown number. With my lost & found mood I took the call with not so interested

“Hello !”

“Naina, it’s me Jashn.., Jashn Sethi !” Was the reply from the other side.

“Jashn ! Do I know you ?” I questioned him arrogantly.

“We met at the bank the other day, if you remember.” He added.

It was the first time I experienced what they call as “Adrenaline rush.”

“How do you know my name and where did you get my number from ?” I questioned him out of curiosity.

“You shared your details when I filled your deposit slip.” He answered.

“I’ve seen you at the cyber cafe several times. Always wanted to speak to you but couldn’t. Would you mind if I ask you for coffee ?” He offered.

“Yes !” I replied in nano seconds.

“Your coffee is waiting ma’am !”

The customer support assistant at the bank, who was helping us in completing the formalities reminded and I returned from my nourished flashback to the genial present.

After few minutes of wait she confirmed “Congratulations ! Mr. & Mrs. Sethi, your joint account is now active .”

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