Joint Account

Visiting a bank just before the lunch break is the thing one shouldn’t do and I did that. The token line was longer than that of Starbucks and I was no where near the counter. A mere task of filling the slip and depositing cash was looking like a mission to me. My thirty minutes of wait was making me restless and annoyed until I saw him. The same tall guy with notorious smile on his face and mischief in his eyes, whom I’ve often seen at the cyber cafe, entered the bank. He already was having a token in his hand. In no time, I gave him the broadest smile ever given in the history of mankind.

Shamelessly, I approached him and said,

“Hi, can you please do me a favour ?”

“Yep, tell me.” He said. As if he was waiting for me to ask help from him.

“What if you can share your token with me ?” A puppy face replied.

“Actually, I’ve been waiting for quite a long time but couldn’t get the token. I’ll be really grateful if you can deposit this money for me along with yours,” I added.

A nodding head with a wink showing a positive response was his reply. I swiftly handed over the amount & deposit slip to him. But the task was not yet over. The deposit slip was blank and I didn’t have a pen. Continuing the scene of humanity I requested him, if he could fill the slip as well. In his not so good handwriting he quickly filled the details that I shared. It was then his turn at the counter and the mission was successfully accomplished. I expressed my whole hearted gratitude towards his selfless help by a thank you wrapped in a handshake.

As we walked out of the bank it started pouring. I thought to wait for a while but the rain was not in a mood to desist.

Helplessly, I decided to ride my scooter and reach home in time. But with the sound of the engine, came up a request.

“Can you drop me home please ?”

Payback time. A puppy face was now waiting for my reply.

I too nodded my head with a wink. He asked me to shift back (with the action off course by his hand) and allow him to drive. A bond of gestures was developed. It was a silent drive. I dropped him at his place which was surprisingly not too far from that of mine.

A nodding bye ended that drenched afternoon. Days passed but the last nod was ticking my head.

“I haven’t seen him since then. Was I too friendly to a stranger or too rude to be friends ?”

Questions like this, were the major ones among numerous others which were revolving around his invisibility and my anxiety.

One fine day my cell phone rang, displaying an unknown number. With my lost & found mood I took the call with not so interested

“Hello !”

“Naina, it’s me Jashn.., Jashn Sethi !” Was the reply from the other side.

“Jashn ! Do I know you ?” I questioned him arrogantly.

“We met at the bank the other day, if you remember.” He added.

It was the first time I experienced what they call as “Adrenaline rush.”

“How do you know my name and where did you get my number from ?” I questioned him out of curiosity.

“You shared your details when I filled your deposit slip.” He answered.

“I’ve seen you at the cyber cafe several times. Always wanted to speak to you but couldn’t. Would you mind if I ask you for coffee ?” He offered.

“Yes !” I replied in nano seconds.

“Your coffee is waiting ma’am !”

The customer support assistant at the bank, who was helping us in completing the formalities reminded and I returned from my nourished flashback to the genial present.

After few minutes of wait she confirmed “Congratulations ! Mr. & Mrs. Sethi, your joint account is now active .”

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“Kya aap Adarsh Bahu Certified hain ?”

Picture courtsey : TOI

All bachelorettes, here’s a news for you as now you can have an add-on in your bio – Adarsh Bahu Certified” and some parents be like “Are Rawal ji ki beti to Adarsh Bahu Certified hain!”

If you’ve collapsed after reading this please gather yourself. But yes you’ve read it right. I myself is still in trauma after I read this freakingly funny news scrolling down the TOI page.

So now Barakatullah aka Bhopal University will conduct a three months short term certified course under the Department of Patriarchy for girls to make them Adarsh bahu as a pilot project under women empowerment so that they can adjust psychologically and sociologically in new environment after marriage.

I guess it’ll provide internship at Rajshree Productions for gaining practical knowledge.

I mean seriously, you’re throwing on the name of women empowerment. That’s women IMpowerment rather. It’s 21st century where Lady Indian scientists are conquering Mars and searching for life and I’m sure they’ld be successfully “adjusting” with their family responsibilities as well but still our society is hunting for sanskari adarsh bahu and the chery on the top is university that finds itself needs to be empowered has taken up this not so appreciated initiative.

But this isn’t the thorn pricking me. All I want to know firstly is why Adarsh Bahu course, why not Adarsh Damaad course also or why the hell we need any such courses ? Secondly who are these parents who want their girls to be certified by any XYZ university and the boys’ parents who are seeking such sanskari brides irrespective of how much sanskari their lads are ? Everyone wants an adarsh bahu but nobody cares whether the boy is adarsh groom or not.

Why don’t we give such balanced upbringing to our children, both boys & girls that they are psychologically, sociologically and moreover logically and sensibly stable and are able to accept, adapt and adjust in any sort of environment.

As BU calling it as their social responsibility I’d like to suggest them to launch a self defence course instead.

I really wish like many other unsuccessful programmes which BU has left incomplete this rubbish too ends up in the litter box.

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Mitra Mandals’ Ganesha

I’d like to cordially invite you all to the grand birthday celebration of our own Ganesha.

The celebration will start with an opening ceremony of welcoming Ganesha at the pandal with ear bursting sound of DJ playing “Swag se karenge sabka swagat” followed by 10 days of worshipping along with playing housie, concluded with immersion of Ganesha again complimented with devotees taking selfies and dancing on “Brazil….la la la la la la la la…..”

Sponsers : Guddu bhiya and party

You need to thank Guddu bhiya and party for this wonderful arrangement. And by chance if you don’t know him just look for the flex with the picture of a proclaimed bhiya with well groomed moustaches and perfect tilak accompanied by the pics of his polka dots sized mitra mandali and at last you may find a minimum required pic of Ganesha as well.

Electricity Board : For unknowingly providing free electricity since it’s fetched by illegally connections.

Date : The celebrations starts from 13th to 23th September.

Venue : Since Ganesha is loved by all, you’ll find the pandals after every one hand distance encroaching half of the roads. The devotees now love him more than the earlier times as I remember we used to have only one pandal per colony. Perhaps we thought assembling and praying together was strengthening our harmonious bond and love for Ganesha.

Time : Morning to afternoon and evening to night.

Attaractions : Non -Stop Music

The main attaraction of the celebration is non-stop devotional music with high Bass sound sung by Heavy Rock metal artists. These super surround speakers won’t let you forget that it’s Ganesha’s house party. Since pandals being so close to each other it also offers you several footstepping numbers at the same time that you can’t recognize which devotional song are you listening to.

Yours unapologetically

The Private Socialite

Disclaimer : This blogpost neither means to hurt feelings or emotions of any Ganesha devotee nor it’s realted to any person dead or alive. The only message that it gives is that religious ceremonies or celebrations are very auspicious activities celebrated in decent manner and it shouldn’t be misused by advertisement of any budding political party.

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No more guilty !

The love is finally free,
The love is not guilty anymore.
The lovers are out in spree,
They will be judged no more.
They were forced to be silent,
They were asked to hide.
Strolling hand in hand,
Now they’ll walk with a roar.
Hugs n kisses are no more a crime,
There will be date nights by the sea shore.
Hypocrites will still try to let them down,
Coz it hurts them, its painful and sore.
But now nothing can stop them,
No gender, no society, no law,
As they might look different together,
But their love is pure !

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Shyam is here…

Like wise every year I was spirtually excited for the Krśna janmotsav and did all my preperations for the midnight birthday celebrations.

But this year it’s different.

I was swaying the cradle of the lord in the evening for the first time in so many years.

Let be it the shift of stars or the change in the oscillation, the spirit of celebrations are affected somehow.

We are so used to, of a specific pattern specially when it comes to religious ceremonies, rituals and traditions, that a changed inch is a glitch for us.

But the joy of welcoming the almighty and zeal of chanting “Hare Krśna” uplifts your body, mind and soul with energy.

The love for him is immortal regardless of any existing particle of the Universe.

So Krśna has finally arrived, not in dark night with dark complexion but this time the Shyam actually justified his name with sunset hues.

Happy Krśna Janmashtami
Jai Shree Krishna 🙏

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Towards a new friendship

I was in grade IV when we were first introduced to Diary entry. Initially I took it just as creative writing but gradually I discovered it was more than writing about your day at Science Centre or regretting over your lost pen. I made a diary with binding all unused pages with beautiful cover and used it keep in the drawer of my study table. Whenever Maa used to be upset with me I used to pen down my explanation with apology in my diary and leave it on the table. Maa, blessed with all super powers, always knew that why the diary is on the table today. She used keep the diary back in the drawer as a sign that it has been read. It was a wishing pad also. Things I wanted to get were listed in it for the consideration. Time moved on and so as I. Diary changed to cell phone, pages to notes, explanations to experience sharing but Maa was still the consistent reader. She always motivated me for writing and insisted to share it on a larger platform. There after I came up with #theprivatesocialite my blog in May 2018. And with still trying to fit in the blogging community, here I am in #MyFriendAlexa blogging campaign to explore my self as a blogger, since I’m an unsatisfactory learner. I’m sure at the end there’s surely one thing I’ll be succeeding in that is I’ll be friends with #Alexa.


Happy blogging !

Take me to a place…

Take me to a place

Place where time stand still.

Still there lies a gleam,

Gleam that illuminate

Illuminates my soul.

My soul that soars,

Soars in the dusky sky.

The sky that endures a noval horizon,

A horizon where Alp meets the stars.

The stars that mirrors like diamonds,

Diamonds that echos in the sea.

Sea that is deep and fondled by the shores,

Shores which are serene but swish.

Swish and rustling,

Rustling with the wood.

Wood from the fervent forest,

Forest that dances to the gust.

Gust which is tender and warm,

Warm as cuddle,

Cuddle of your arms !

The bewildered youth..

“Youth” This word baffles me a lot. #Oxford says it’s being young. But 48 years old aspiring politician is “Yuva” (young). SwamiVivekanand’s youth was vivacious young generation with vigor and the ability to revolutionise & reform. But an extensive slot of youth is busy performing dangerously idiotic #kikichallenge. Sordid mockeries on #musically can’t be neglected either. It’s connotation varies gender wise also. For #masculines’ it’s shakti pradarshan whereas for #feminines’ it’s the maintenance after 30. Polictically – mass voters, socially – influencers and hypocritically – bhatake hue yuva (coz acc. to them youth means teenagers swamped into weed, drugs, alcohol & party). These explications make me wonder what shall I deem. For me, being youth, is a vernal heart, ingenious mind, industrious body, radical thoughts & efficacious deeds. What’s your idea of being “Youth” ?